Investor Portal

Our easy-to-use Investor Portal helps you track and manage your investments in Superstate Funds. In this guide we'll show you how it works.


The Investor Portal has three sections:

  1. Portfolio: View your holdings, purchase and redeem instructions, and your transactions.

  2. Documents: View Fund documents.

  3. Settings: Manage your Organization and Entity settings. This includes your Team, Purchase Destination, and Payout Destination.

Logging In

Access the Superstate Investor Portal by clicking Sign In on If you haven't already set up Two-Factor Authentication for your account, you will be prompted to do so.

Navigate between different pages in the Investor Portal by clicking on the menu at the top right. From there you can open the Portfolio, Documents, and Settings pages, or Sign Out of your account.


After signing in you’ll land on the Portfolio page. From here you can get a holistic view of both your holdings and transactions.


View a chart with the total balance of your organization, plus the individual balances for each legal entity. Purchase and Redemption instructions are available from the corresponding buttons. For a more detailed description of both flows please see the Purchasing and Redeeming sections later in this guide.


View a list of all transactions including Purchases, Redemptions, Mints, Sends and Receives. For each transaction you’ll see the Amount of USTB shares, the value of that USTB shares in dollars, the Net Asset Value (NAV) at the time of the transaction, the date of the transaction, and its current status.

Transaction can either be Pending or Complete. Pending transactions have been received, but not yet processed. All pending transactions are processed beginning at 9:00am ET on the next Market Day. Depending on the type of transaction, some data may not be available for Pending transactions until they are complete. Complete transactions have been processed and are considered settled. These will have all information available.


Access a range of important fund documents from this page. In future you will also be able to access your monthly statements and tax documents as well.


Manage your Organization and Entity settings from this page.


The Team section includes a list of all users who have access to your organization, including your own profile. Team members can have two roles: Admins and Team Members.

  • Admins can perform a number of edit actions including adding allowlist addresses, changing the default Purchase Destination, changing the default Payout Destination, editing Bank Account information, and USDC Proceeds Addresses.

  • Team Members have view-only access to the Investor Portal.


Each Entity within your organization has a section with independent settings.

  • Purchase Destination allows you to choose how you’ll receive USTB shares after a purchase. Select an Allowlist to receive USTB tokens at the selected Allowlist address. Select Book-Entry and you'll receive shares of the USTB Fund, but you will not receive tokens. Instead your shares will be held by Superstate in Book-Entry and can be minted as tokens at your request.

  • The Payout Destination section shows how you’ll receive a payout after Redeeming USTB shares. Select Bank Account to receive payouts as U.S. Dollars wired to a Bank Account you provide. Select USDC Redemption Address to receive payouts as USDC transferred to an Ethereum address you provide

  • Mailing address is the physical address of your investing entity


Only Admins with Two-Factor Authentication enabled can make changes in the portal. Some changes, such as changing the default Purchase or Payout destination, happen instantly. More sensitive changes are subject to a mandatory 24-hour review period before they go into effect. You will receive an email confirming that a change is pending, and any Admin may cancel a pending change from Settings. This applies to adding a new Allowlist address, editing your USDC Proceeds address, and editing your Bank Account.

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