​​Superstate Inc. is an asset management firm bringing traditional assets onchain, that benefit from the speed, programmability, and compliance advantages of tokenization. Our first product, the Superstate Short Duration US Government Securities Fund, is available to Qualified Purchasers. Shares of the Fund are issued as a yield-bearing ERC-20 token, USTB, or in book entry form. For more info, read below or click here.

To gain access to USTB, prospective clients must onboard as an investor of the Fund.

Once onboarded, investors will have access to the Investor Portal to view information about the Fund, their account and holdings, and instructions on how to purchase and redeem USTB shares.

This document should not be relied upon or be used as a substitute for the Fund Offering Documents, which are controlling and supersede any information provided here. Prospective investors are urged to seek the advice of their own counsel, tax consultants and business advisors with respect to the legal, tax, and business aspects of investing in the Fund prior to making an investment decision. Note, this document will be updated periodically.

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