Sign up for Superstate and Apply to invest in USTB.

Please reach out to the Investor Relations team (ir@superstate.co) to get started. We're here to help make the process of onboarding and investing in the Fund as seamless as possible. Here is what to expect:

  1. Our team will send a link to create your Superstate account. If you are registering an organization, you'll have a chance to give it a name.

  2. Once your organization is registered you'll have immediate access to the Investor Portal where you can review Fund's Offering Documents, invite your team, or begin the Fund application.

  3. To begin the fund application, click on the USTB banner on the dashboard. You’ll be prompted to register through our partner Angellist.

  4. Superstate will begin reviewing your application as soon as it's submitted. We will be in close contact if we need additional information or documents.

  5. Once approved, you’re ready to start investing in USTB.

Review Criteria

The Superstate review assesses your eligibility to become an investor of the Fund and access USTB. The review includes evaluation of your application and provided information, including a signed Investment Agreement and requested information detailed in the Documents page of the Investor Portal, against various compliance, KYC, KYB, AML, sanctions, suitability, tax, and accreditation checks.

Once your application is approved by Superstate and an Investment Agreement is executed by all parties, you are ready to Purchase USTB.

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